Look no further: the X800 will exceed your expectations

If you have the need for a flashlight take a deep breathe all your worries will be set aside when you see the Shadowhawk x800. This company is trying to skip ahead of the other contenders and make a milestone with this new product. The design, the material, the durability are just one of its incredible traits.

The casing itself is beckoning like a treasure chest and trust me the inside is worth your while. The majestic x800 will leave you speechless. Let`s start with the charger. It is glossy and black with an indicator light. When the battery is done charging it turns from red to green, very convenient. Also there is a case for 3 AAA batteries which can come in handy or you can use the bulky lithium-ion battery as well. The flashlight feels like a trophy in your hand. Its appearance makes you feel powerful like a policeman or as if you are holding a Star Wars lightsaber. It can`t cut through any material, sorry to disappoint you, but it will do marvelous job for its intensive purpose.

Why do you absolutely need the Shadowhawk x800?

I am sure there were so many times you needed a flashlight and your phone`s battery was just too precious to use or you had an accident with it just because you used it as a flashlight. Well the flashlight x800 can save your phone`s battery and keep your mobile safe and sound. It is the perfect easy-to -use device.

How many times have you had your car broken down and you wish you could see what happened under the hood.  With the x800 you are going to have a tiny helper which will reduce the inevitable cursing and yelling to a minimum.

For those of you who are afraid of the dark or always sleep with one eye open because of the money filled mattress, or your second nature is to always look behind your shoulder… or you are just restless, relax. This flash light is specially designed to have strobe light which can be useful when you flash it in someone`s eyes. In a tight spot you can make a run for it. No wonder why the military prefers this flashlight. Now you can be a bad ass and have bed side “weapon”.

Every time we go on a camping trip we enjoy nature in the day time, but at night we have the most fun; drinking, dancing, roasting s’mores and etc. After all the beers there are just a few of us who dare to go alone and relieve themselves in the dark and creepy outdoors. You can bring a friend with you, but when your pants are around your ankles there is not much they can do. The flashlight is a necessity in these cases. The 5 telescopic zooming options and the powerful LED bulb will help you inspect the area before you do your business.

You can try a paintball fight at night time. Take your friends and have an awesome experience pretending you are on a battle filed. Use this light to gain better vantage point. Let it be your secret weapon. I am sure you will be victorious.

You can communicate with your neighbors if you are in the mood or just annoy them to no end. The strong light can be seen from a great distance and all you need to do is learn Morse code. On the other hand warn them if they are making too much noise and if they do not stop just join the party and use the flashlight as a prop to dance with it and make cool light effects. You will be the life of the party.

There is also a special feature on it – SOS light. You can flash it towards the moon and wait for Batman to come and safe you…I am just kidding, but you never know My advice is to use it when you want to indicate when you are in trouble for example on the side of the road.

Be the first one to own it because its demands are through the roof. You can even buy it for someone as a gift. The more flashlights you buy the cheaper they are. They are selling like hotcakes so do not hesitate. I would definitely buy one for myself.

1 Flashlight – $56.00 plus Free Shipping

2 Flashlights- $48.50 each (15% discount)

3 Flashlights – $44.66 each (22% discount)

4 Flashlights – $42.25 each (25% discount)

5 Flashlights – $39.20 each (30% discount)

10 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

15 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

20 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

Problems that may appear when choosing a flashlight

The studies have shown that 90% of the people who use a flashlight have a problem with the batteries, or the switch, or the circuit. If the flashlight works intermittently and the LED goes on and off it is probably about loosing the o-ring in the tailcap.

Here are 6 steps you ought to know when troubleshooting your flashlight:

  1. Remove the tailcap;
  2. Look on the inside and you will see a silver O-ring with two little indentations on it;
  3. Take nippers or a needle –nose spanner and place the steeple into the indentations of the silver o-ring into the tailcap.
  4. Next step is to turn it other way around or clockwise. If you see that the ring is loose, that might be the problem why your flashlight is not working properly. So you must tighten it.
  5. This may sounds stupid but there are people who still think that glue can fix everything. Well guess what? It can’t. Do not put glue on the o-ring! In order to access to the switch you must remove the o-ring. And if you glue it, that won’t be possible.
  6. Sometimes it is good to check if your flashlight works properly. However constantly turning on and off can provoke work loose. Believe me, don’t give your flashlight to your kids. They press everything and everywhere that they shouldn’t.


Here is another problem that may occur when using your flashlight:

After using your flashlight for one year (for example), it died. And the first thing that comes to your mind are the batteries. So you go to the closest store you buy batteries and afterwards you go at home to change it and put the fresh ones to your flashlight. Newsalert: it’s not working! Again!

Maybe it’s about time to diagnose the switch.

In order to this, you must remove the tailcap and check if the batteries are put correctly.  Next thing to do is to check the batteries and take a metallic object that should be placed across the tail section. Thus it can make contact with the batteries and with the flashlight as well. If the light surprisingly turns on the problem is with the switch, and if it doesn’t the problem is with the LED or the circuitry.

You can also separate the switch assembly. This technique is brilliant for changing a new boot for your tailcap. If you want to change the color or to add a glow in the dark flair to your tail-cap, the booth can be very useful.

If all of the above mentioned steps and hints fail you can always contact the manufacturer or you can address your problems on your flashlight’s warranty. There is one article from the Consumer Protection Law that says if the damaged product that you bought is irrecoverable and if it is about a manufacturer’s error they must provide you with a new one in a due time.

Not that I want your flashlight to troubleshoot, but enjoy fixing your flashlight using these tips. I hope that I provided you with the appropriate skills.

For more info about flashlights you can visit The Flashlight Blog on TheG700Flashlight.com

5 Reasons why the G700 Military Flashlight is the Best Flashlight of 2016


We are all familiar with LumiTact G700 military flashlight and of its high quality performances. Because this flashlight became so popular on the social media a lot of good review were said about the G700 but with the good also came the bad ones where this flashlight is presented as a scam.

Many website owners tried to take advantage over its popularity and started to sell the G700 military flashlight on their website. All scam began here when this product was almost sold on every tech related website. Many of those website made all scams related to the G700 military flashlight where when a customer order a flashlight instead of sending the G700 most of them delivered a cheap Chinese version of it. After several months the G700 scam is finally removed and now the only websites that can sell the flashlights are the ones who are affiliate partners with LumiTact.

For the ones who read all the negatives reviews about the G700 here are 5 reasons why the G700 military flashlight is the best flashlight of 2016.


Indestructible material

Since the original purpose for this flashlight was for military operations this flashlight is made to last. Made with an aircraft aluminum which is used in manufacturing every other military equipment this flashlight is very durable in harsh conditions.

Reliable battery capacity

The soul pursue of this flashlight is mostly for emergency situations or for outdoor activities. In all of those circumstances if you relay on a flashlight then that flashlight must have a large battery capacity. Regular flashlights can last up to 10 hours of constant working which is emergency situations isn’t enough but on the other hand the G700 flashlight with its new LED technology is capable of lasting 72 hours of constant working without ever recharging the batteries.

Rechargeable option

Maintaining a power flashlight of 700 lumens like the G700 is an unwanted extra expanse of 10 dollars. In order to make this flashlight more affordable for regular customers the engineering team added the rechargeable option on the G700 military flashlight.

Revolutionary LED technology

Most flashlights are made on a very similar principal where for transmitting the lumen capacity a LED diode is used. LED diodes are known as the outdated technology in the flashlight industry that keeps every flashlight from evolving on to the next level. Before LumiTact solve this particular problem all other flashlight companies have been struggling with developing a new LED technology. The G700 uses a LED chip that because of its square form is capable of transmitting the entire lumen power capacity.

Feature modes

The thing that makes this flashlight to be in the military equipment category is the featured modes. Within the G700 you have 2 featured mode that have 5 sub-modes within. The 2 modes on the G700 are: focus mode and the telescoping mode. The 5 sub-modes on the focus mode are: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe.  The telescoping mode allows the G700 military flashlight to have a reach of 2000 feet in every direction.

What is the Best Military Grade Flashlight for 2016?

Just in case you don’t know, a “military flashlight” is a tactical led flashlight that can focus the light beam on a single subject so that soldier can easily reveal targets in the dark. By pointing the flashlight’s ultra bright beam to the enemy, US Marine Corps can disorient the victims so they can’t shoot back.

The thing that made the military flashlights so effective is the optical lens that they use. This adjustable lens can condense the beam and make it much smaller than average flashlights. This way the light is not only brighter but it can also reach a larger distance. With a led chip, some flashlights can even reach up to 2,000 feet without loosing the intensity of the light.

Some flashlights are better than others. Sometime its because of the led technology used on them and other times is because of the quality of the lens that is focusing the light beam. There are also other aspects the affect the power of the beam and its brightness. Keep reading this review and at the end of it you will understand how to pick the best led flashlight.

What to look for?

This year I’ve purchased 5 different flashlights. Some of them I really liked and some I hated so badly that i wanted to write a negative review about them. However what I learned during my purchasing experience was to not trust the advertising. Most brands go really crazy with the advertising and they don’t even care about telling lies. Some brands are also manufacturing their flashlights in China and then they lie that they make their flashlights in the USA.


In order to buy a decent flashlight you must consider double checking a few things in order to avoid being scammed like most people. Some of the things that I’ll look for before purchasing a flashlight is to check if its available for sale on Amazon or eBay. All of the top flashlight manufacturers like SureFire have their flashlights on different online stores and that for me is a clue that they are honest with their claims.

When you see a flashlight that you like you must first check if that flashlight is available on Google shopping. This way you can see if other online stores are selling the flashlight you are looking to buy. Using this method you can also compare prices and bonus features. It’s very common for some stores to give free key-chains with each order so if you want an extra item for free you can spend an extra minute to find the discounted offers.

In search for the best


By testing different brands and models I came to a conclusion that Lumitact is among the top ranking flashlights according to sales and reviews. Their G700 model has completely revolutionized the entire flashlight industry because of the led chip that is much more powerful that led diodes. This chip made the G700 flashlight one of the brightest flashlights in the world and that is why the G700 it also the best-selling flashlight in the world.